As of August 2017 our sponsorship program is up and running. Since we do not own a primary school  yet, we are currently placing children participating in the project into nearby schools.
Some schools in Sierra Leone are boarding schools, so the children will be living and learning on site. In addition to the tuition fees they will need uniforms as well as materials such as books and pens. Which is why we are starting the program one month before the beginning of fall term to cover these additional expenses.

On the pictures below you can see six teenager currently waiting for a sponsor. By taking on the expenses of 17,5€ per month for tuition and materials you could change their future for the better.

You can always get in contact with your sponsored child with letters, videos or small gifts. The sponsorship usually lasts till graduation of the kid but can be cancelled without giving reasons.

If you are interested in a sponsorship or additional information don’t hesitate to contact