Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world with a huge gap between rich and poor. Thus, most of the people have a living standard much lower than Western conditions. Especially physically challenged people are facing a tough life and future. Most often they live in poverty and have little chance of leading a humane life. Since there is barely any governmental or charitable support, disabled people are often left with nothing but begging for help in the streets. Their children have no access to education or accommodation due to their parents’ financial situation.


We committed our work to helping those who are left with nothing. We want to provide a brighter future for disabled people and their children. By offering accommodation for families and orphans on our own campus, we want to give them the possibility of escaping the cycle of poverty and unemployment.

  As we are trying to cause change in the long run, we follow the approach of „helping people to help themselves“. We set focus on the next generation by trying to lead young people out of their dependency on aid organisations.
As most public schools fail at their job we want to build primary school for kids aged .. to .. as well as a secondary school on campus to ensure high quality education.