Who we are

Konfoundation e.V. is a non-profit organisation working in Sierra Leone that was founded in 2016 in Germany.

Our help

We are providing accommodation and educational facilities for physically challenged people and their children in Sierra Leone.


Christmas Dinner

On december 25 we hosted a christmas dinner for families in need. Mohamed and his team handed out food packages at three different locations to about 250 people. One of those packages consisted of fried rice, chicken, fried plantain, and salad – a typical Sierra Leonean feast!


21 children are looking for a sponsor!

Most of the people with disability are lacking financial means to pay for their children’s tuition fees. We want to change their future for the better by offering educational programs through sponsorships. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, don’t hesitate to contact organisation@konfoundation.com!


Zacharias wants to go to college

Zacharias is 26 years old and blind. He finished Secondary School but is currently lacking the money to pay for the Final Exam. After graduating he wants to go to college to study political science. He’s aiming to become a politician to cause lasting change in Sierra Leone.


First contacts

In April 2017 Emnet and Lena travelled to Sierra Leone to get in touch with people. We met up with about seven families at a gas station in Freetown. At least one or two persons of each family was blind, most of them had several kids of their own.

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After meeting them for the first time, they invited us over to visit their “home”, meaning a large empty building where about 100 of them would live, eat, and sleep on the ground on empty bags of rice. Many of them lived in other cities of Sierra Leone but had come to the capital Freetown to beg on the streets for money during the holidays.
The people were delighted with us coming to them. Everyone was standing around us and was telling us about their lives and hardships. It was both a beautiful but painful experience to listen to their stories. Even though they had suffered for most of their lives they were all warm-hearted, open-minded, and very heartful!

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